Custom gradient controls for iOS

Recently I needed custom UI control for iOS that had rounded corners and a gradient background. To make the user experience as rich as possible I wanted the background of the control to flatten when the user tapped it. There were plenty of examples of gradient buttons and rounded corner views but nothing did exactly what I needed.

Trangia adapter for the Optimus Nova stove

When I started camping for slaloms and other paddling events I needed a new stove and after looking at a number of options (spirit burners, gas stoves etc) I settled on the Optimus Nova+. Why did I choose the Nova+? It produces a similar heat output to a gas stove and burns petrol which can be bought almost anywhere.

Welcome to the blog

Welcome to my new blog! I’ve decided to try and join the 21st century and enter the blagosphere. I’ve had a shared hosting web account sitting round pretty much idle for a couple of years and sorting out a website for a paddling friend has spurred me into action.