Group Clocks

Group Clocks allows you to easily manage stopwatches for multiple competitors using a single device.

Group Clocks was developed as a coaching aid for Canoe Slalom to make it easy to time multiple paddlers at the same time. Before Group Clocks this involved juggling multiple stopwatches or using lap splits and calculating deltas.

Multiple Clocks

Manage multiple stopwatches simultaneously with ease. Select the competitor that you want to start or stop and tap the button.

Select a competitor to see their last time or the current runnning clock.


Never lose a competitor's result by resetting the stopwatch again - results are automatically saved when you stop a clock.

All results for a competitor can be viewed to easily compare runs.


View the fastest time of all competitors at a glance and rank them accordingly.

Coming soon to the App Store. If you would like a beta invite please contact support.