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Maker Challenge 2022


To help focus my making and encourage me to use this blog, I’m setting myself the challenge of completing and documenting one maker project a month for 2022. These projects will be focusing on tangible objects (so no purely/predominately coding projects) and will include things like woodworking, 3D printing and electronics.

My goal is at least one blog post per project outlining the goal, any interesting steps along the way and the finished result. More complicated projects will probably result in multiple posts as I work through various issues along the way and will focus around a single issue or area of interest. There might also be the occasional Twitter post if something is particularly interesting or photogenic.

The list of projects hasn’t been finalised yet, but I have ideas that should work for most months of the next year (and plenty of ideas for the future!). At the end of each project write up, I’ll reveal what the project for the next month will be - hopefully this will ensure that I follow through with the project.